Fat Old Owl Publishing: Specialist Architectural Conservation Books

Fat Old Owl Publishing is a new venture with a mission:

  • To take full advantage of the low cost of electronic publishing.
  • To educate, entertain and provoke.


At present the catalogue is limited to Travels in Conservation…but check regularly: other titles are on the way.

Travels in Conservation

Over 1,300 original photographs and illuistrationa with 160,000+ words of text.

Price £10.

This book is for anyone interested in conserving historic buildings though some background knowledge is assumed. If you are baffled, as long as I’m around I’ll be happy to talk, explain, argue and hoover up external wisdom.

It’s an image-based exploration (a picture book!) of many of the philosophical and practical issues, oddities and inspirations that have haunted conservation from its pre-eighteenth-century beginnings.

The content is based on the practical experience, academic research, private field survey and idle gossip that I have accumulated during nearly forty years making a living in and around building conservation.

Above all it’s a starting point designed to offer practical wisdom, tease assumptions, provoke argument, and spur you to investigate further.

But be warned…This is not a complete repository of everything…I have much more experience than there is space for here, and there are huge areas of conservation into which I have never tiptoed…contact me if you want more detail or to get at the sources behind the text.

It’s not free from personal bias and opinion…This is my creation and I tell it as I see it.

May you find it useful and enjoyable!